Is your property manager adding or eroding value to your investment

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As property managers, we are entrusted each day to make decisions about other people’s properties using their money.

In today’s soft market, power has shifted to the tenants, as has their demands for maintenance and repairs to the property.

It is important of course to keep your property in good condition and attend to all maintenance items quickly and efficiently before they become major but it’s also important to schedule these so that trades aren’t called every second week.

For many of the properties we manage we look after, minor items like loose door handles, towel rails or cupboard handles are fixed on our routine inspections. For the more complex jobs we ensure we get these fixed as one job saving multiple fees.

Tip : Take a look at your monthly ownership statement for any deductions relating to maintenance or repairs and ask yourself :

  1. Was I aware of this?
  2. Did I authorise this?
  3. What was the outcome of this?

If the above questions cannot be answered, consider switching to Tala Property Management, where you will be guaranteed to be informed about all maintenance items and have the peace of mind that your ownership money is being well looked after.

Switch today simply call us on 0864441199 or email enquiry@talapm.com.au