How to light your Hot Water System – Voltun

As per your lease agreement, If there is a gas hot water system at the property and it requires the igniter to be lit, the Tenant(s) agrees to pay for a licensed gas fitter to attend at the Tenant/s expense should the Tenant/s not be able to light it themselves.

In the event that there is a genuine reason the HWS was unable to be lit the Owner will pay for the call out.


Make sure the water heater is filled with water and the water supply is on, otherwise serious damage to the vitreous enamel lining and plastic components may occur.

A. An igniter button is used to light the pilot. When lighting the pilot follow the lighting instructions exactly.

DANGER: Never press the igniter button while the gas control knob is in a numbered position. Before pressing the igniter button, turn the gas control knob to the off position and wait five minutes.

B. BEFORE LIGHTING ensure there is no smell of gas near the water heater and the burner opening. Be sure to smell next to the ground level as some gases can settle there.

C. IF YOU SMELL GAS: Do not try to light the water heater. Turn the gas control knob clockwise to the off position, then turn off the isolation valve in the gas line to the water heater. Leave the area and call Rheem Service or a qualified service technician.

D. Use only your hand to turn the gas control knob, never use tools. If the control knob will not turn by hand, call a qualified service technician. Force or attempted repair may result in a fire or explosion.

E. If the water heater has been damaged DO NOT attempt to operate it - call a qualified service technician.


1. Remove the access cover. DANGER: If the main burner or pilot flame is extinguished for any reason during the lighting process, ALWAYS turn the gas control knob to the off position and wait 5 minutes.

2. Turn the gas control knob fully to the off position.

3. Wait 5 minutes so any build-up of unburnt gas can escape. WARNING: Failure to wait 5 minutes may result in fire or explosion.

4. Turn the gas knob to the pilot position

5. Depress the knob fully and hold the knob down until the end of step 7. NOTE: If it is not possible to to depress the knob fully, turn the gas control knob to the off position and begin again at step 3.

6. After wiating 30 seconds and with your face clear of the combustion chamber opening, press the igniter button repeatedly (for up to 40 seconds) until the pilot flame lights.

7. Continue to hold the know down for 20 seconds after the pilot flame lights.

8. Release the knob and check the pilot light is still alight - look through the combustion chamber below the gas control.

9. If the pilot has failed to light or has not remained alight, turn the gas control knob to the off position and begin again at step 3.

NOTE: The next step witll casue the main burner to light, if the water in the tank needs heating. The flames amy be noisy at first. This is normal and will cease after 2-5 seconds.

10. If the pilot lfames remains alight, turn the knob anticlockwise to the numberd setting of 5 for a water temperature of about 60C. This setting is also shown o nthe rating label.

11. Turn the knob to a higher number if a higher water tempurature is required.

12. Replace the access cover.