How to light your Hot Water System – Dulux

As per your lease agreement, If there is a gas hot water system at the property and it requires the igniter to be lit, the Tenant(s) agrees to pay for a licensed gas fitter to attend at the Tenant/s expense should the Tenant/s not be able to light it themselves.

In the event that there is a genuine reason the HWS was unable to be lit the Owner will pay for the call out.

Dulux Prodigy

Do not attempt to light the water heater if the pilot is out and the knob is in the “ON” position (one of the number settings).

Follow the steps below.

Lighting Procedure: The diagram on the next page shows the location of the control knob and the igniter button on the gas control valve.

1. Remove the access cover. (A copy of the lighting procedure can also be found on the inside of the access cover).

2. Turn the control knob fully clockwise to the “•” (off) position.

3. Wait five (5) minutes so any build-up of unburnt gas can escape.

4. Turn the control knob to the (pilot) position.

5. Depress the control knob fully (until disappears below housing) and after thirty (30) seconds, whilst keeping the control knob depressed, repeatedly press the igniter button (for up to 40seconds) until the pilot flame ignites. Note - it is not possible to depress the control knob fully if the gas control valve has activated its safety shutoff feature. In this case, wait sixty (60) seconds for the gas control valve to reset.

6. Keep the control knob depressed for twenty (20) seconds after the pilot flame lights. Use a mirror to observe the pilot flame. Do not attempt to observe the flame directly.

7. Release the control knob and check the pilot is still alight.

8. If the pilot has failed to light or has not remained alight, turn the control knob to “•” (off). Wait five (5) minutes for the escape of unburnt gas, then begin again at step 4.

9. When the pilot flame remains alight with the control knob released, turn the control knob anticlockwise to one of the number settings. A minimum setting of “6” is recommended and this will give a water temperature of about 60°C.

10. Turn the control knob to a higher number for higher water temperatures.

11. If the main burner does not light at the selected setting, the water may already be at the selected temperature.

12. Replace the access cover and ensure it is firmly in position.