How Property Management Can Be Made Simple With Tala

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Investing in a second property can become a stream of passive income for you and your family. You can rent it out for several years with the view of eventually selling the property or passing it on to your children.

The idea of apartment management and the reality of being a landlord often puts people off the prospect of investment properties. At Tala, we take care of every aspect of apartment management so that you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of your second home.

Is It Time to Invest in A Second Property?

Perhaps you have a pot of money you’ve been saving for a few years, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to present itself. Investing your money means you’re taking it out of the pot and generating more money for you and your family. If the idea of buying stocks stresses you out, a great investment portfolio revolves around real estate and property.

You’ll often hear the media talk about whether it’s the right time to buy a property in Perth. While timing will play a role, it shouldn’t be the defining factor in deciding to buy a second property. Focus on purchasing an apartment or investment property when you can afford to, and when you’re ready to commit.

The idea of apartment management is something that can intimidate potential buyers. After all, it can be a full-time job to manage a property, and you might not have the time to spare. Some people wait to invest in a second property until after they’re married, but be cognizant that paperwork, contractors, and other responsibilities that come along with being a landlord should not be overlooked.

At Tala, we don’t want you to have to wait. Our team of property managers in Perth will oversee everything for you, taking out the stress of owning an investment property. You can sit back, safe in the knowledge that your future is being taken care of.

Why You Should Choose Tala

We have a proven track record as property managers in Perth, with zero rent arrears and a less than 1 per cent vacancy rate. Over 98 per cent of our leases last more than 12 months, taking the stress out of finding new tenants and dealing with short-term leases.

Once your new tenant is on the property, we’ll oversee the collection of rent payments and maintain the property. When the tenant’s lease is up, we’ll oversee the renewing process or look for a new tenant on your behalf. We’ll regularly report back to you about the condition of your property so you’re always in the loop.

Are you thinking of purchasing an investment property to create passive income for your family? There’s no such thing as the right time to invest. It’s all about taking the leap and investing when you can afford it and when it feels right for your family.

Don’t let the idea of looking after a second property scare you away from investment opportunities. At Tala, we make property management stress-free and easy. We’ll take care of the day-to-day, so you can focus on collecting your passive income.