How do I change property management companies?

Its quick and easy, if your property is being managed by another agent, and you want to change for any reason, all you have to do is send an email to them telling them that you are moving your property and giving them 28 days notice ( that is standard if your management authority has expired), CC into the email.

We will organise the document collection:
We will then notify the tenants(s) and collect the keys and existing documents from your present managing agent.

We aim to make changing agents as hassle and stress free process for you.

What happens if my property needs some urgent maintenance?

We have a list of preferred contractors that we deal with in emergency situations and they’ll organise quotes and co-ordinate required works to a pre-arranged financial limit. Any work carried out over and above the agreed financial amount will need to be authorised by the owner first.

What methods would you use to market my property and attract tenants?

What's most important to us, is to secure a quality tenant quickly. Therefore we are available for home opens at the request of prospective tenants even if it’s after hours.

This ensures leads secured through our marketing efforts are acted on quickly so we don’t lose out on filling the vacancy.

Areas of marketing focus include:

  • Online listings on websites and
  • A professional 'For Lease' sign at the front of your property
  • Email blast to past and current rental database
  • Advertising within the agency
How do you screen tenants?

Securing good tenants is as important for us as is it for you. Quality tenants will take care of your investment property meaning fewer maintenance issues and a better return on investment in the long run.

  • We won't accept any character references from any family members
  • All employment checks are compulsory.
  • Bank statements showing income/wages are seen for the last month.
  • In addition we ensure we meet each prospective tenant that meets the requirements in person, and should their application be successful take them through their requirements as a tenant.
What happens if my tenant defaults on the rent?

We have a no tolerance policy and ensure we contact tenants immediately if the rent is not paid on time.

Our first line of defence is a through reference checks that goes above the standard industry checks, this includes not accepting references from family members, ensuring employment details are confirmed, ensuring bank statements are provided. In addition we meet all potential tenants in person.

If your tenant stops paying their rent then their lease will be terminated, no excuses or exceptions. In short we make life very difficult for tenants who continually miss paying their rent or stop paying their rent via emails, texts, phone calls, letters, breaches and again terminations.

Do I need landlords insurance?

It's always better to be prepared when it comes to insurance and therefore we recommend taking out landlords insurance.

Unfortunately insurance events do happen and for a minimal monthly fee you can ensure your property is covered in the event of an insurance event.

As we feel strongly about this we feel it is a compulsory requirement that our customers, take out landlords insurance.

What do I do if I want to sell my property? Can I sell my property with a tenant still in it?

Yes you can sell your property with a tenant and yes we can help.

There are processes in place that allow for the sale of property that is tenanted. In some cases having an existing tenant in a property is attractive for investment buyers and therefore a positive. However we will assist in the process by ensuring the real estate agent and the tenant work together to achieve the best outcome.

When do I get paid my rent?

When you sign the management authority, we will ask you to nominate a bank account for rental payment. We will then process your rental income monthly into the nominated account.

How should I know what my property will rent for?

This is a question, we often get asked and in all honestly it is a constantly changing number. The reason being is that rental incomes are dependent on may factors like the market conditions and demand and these factors change.

At Tala we use a variety of sources including location, facilities, recently rented, rentals in market, and supply and demand by suburb to get the most accurate rental figure for your property. We will provide you with a full report that explains how we arrived at the weekly rental figure as well as suggestions on improvement that may yield additional rental dollars.